Hệ Quả Của Bệnh Tâm Trí Gây Ra Trên 4 Nhóm Đối Tượng Phổ Biến

A person with unstable psychology and unable to control their mind will easily cause unpredictable consequences to their own health.
Any age, any person is at risk of mental problems. Let’s review common mental problems of the following 4 jobs:

1. Office Staff

They are people who are under a lot of pressure from daily work. They always feel extremely tired when starting a new day with what they are doing. They may simply not love the job or not understand the value of the job or the job, make them depressed. A lot of people fall into a state of stress for a long time and are diagnosed with a mental disorder.
Patients are prone to have negative reactions in life such as: Using stimulants, drinking alcohol to relieve stress, using narcotics to cause hallucinogens or having self-injurious actions.

2. Old people

The cause of mental problems in the elderly arises from the fact that they feel lonely in the family. They are unable to work which lead to too much spare time and redundant. In addition, the loss, lack of attention of children or loved ones also makes them psychologically unstable.
Mental problems in the elderly will affect following health aspects:
– Lack of deep sleep, prolonged insomnia will affect and cause diseases related to the nervous system.
– Feeling unappetizing, causing weight loss leading to some diseases such as anemia, calcium causing osteoporosis.
– Negative thoughts that will put pressure on the heart will also cause cardiovascular diseases.
– Excessive worry will cause memory loss, more serious can lead to dementia.
– Weak body and weakened immune system 

3. Adolescent
We usually think that adulthood will be the most memorable years of each person because we live happily and carefree. However, according to the survey, about 20% of adolescents have a mental disorder. Reasons come from the stress of studying, psychological trauma, conflicts in family and life, etc. Mental problems in adolescents can include: anxiety, depression, developmental disorders such as hyperactivity, autism. They will adversely affect the development of children, causing children to be isolated, poor in academic performance, slow in learning, and have violent thoughts and actions, etc.

4. Postpartum women
Acording to many statistics, about 10-20% of women after giving birth fall into psychological disorders and depression. There have been many heartbreaking incidents stemming from the mother’s psychological instability after giving birth. Causes of psychological disorders in postpartum women are determined by: hormonal changes, history of psychological disorders, poor health or economic factors, difficult life, lack of interest.
The effects of psychological disorders in postpartum women:
– Prolonged postpartum depression can develop into psychosis.
– Poor health, unable to take care of children, high risk of suicide.
– Direct effects on children: slow language development, limited communication, difficult to integrate into society,…

Mental health problems have serious health consequences, that’s why we need to understand the problem we are facing and learn how to overcome.

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