Khi Tam Health Hub

Innovative body movement analysis technology with European International Standard

Khi Tam Health Hub brings comprehensive spinal health service that combines traditional natural therapy with intensive medical knowledge from the UK and innovative technology that meets Europe standards. 
a baropodometric platform that enables static, dynamic, stabilometric and videographic patient analyses for foot and gait assessment 


Posture Screen

PostureScreen harnesses the power of Computer Vision A.I. to offer objective and efficient posture and movement assessments. Evaluate your patients/clients with ease and generate comprehensive reports for clinical purposes.

Spine 3D

Allows a non-invasive scanning of the vertebral column thanks to LiDar technology (Light Detection and Ranging). Non-invasive and free of radiation, it allows us to carry out repeated analysis on the same subject, without any contraindications.


evaluate health condition and form instant personalized recommendations based on approaches of holistic medicine for a Comprehensive Health & Balance Consulting Technology on 5 Bodies.


Immersive Interactive Projectors for Sensory Enrichment