True Evidence Based A.I. Computer Vision Assisted Posture Analysis Software 

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True Evidence Based A.I. Computer Vision Assisted Posture Analysis Software

1, 2 or 4 View Posture Analysis

A.I. Computer Vision Assisted Analsysis to Accurately measure angles and linear distances of posture displacements and documentation for clinical assessments!

Comparative Reports

Create stunning comparative posture assessments in mere seconds

Seated Desk Analysis

Use SitScreen module for accurate and precise seated lateral analysis of your clients to better evaluate work ergonomic environments.
Using PostureScreen with the Structure Sensor on supported iPads, allows for true 3D full body scanning. Imagine having the ability to see a true replica of your client in real 3D, and visualize from any perspective. Easily export 3D models of clients to supported software. 

True 3D Mobile Scanning

Use the easy in-app upgrade module for editing your reports to add personalized customization and branding to match your own business.

Report Branding Customization

Have the ability to view a physical copy of yourself in realistic 3D and visualize from any angle. Easily export your 3D models to supported software.

3D replica

Powerful, Professional, and Versatile.

Augmented Reality Assisted Assessments

Computer Vision – Augmented Reality Assisted Posture Assessments within PostureScreen for iOS are a “Game Changer” in efficientobjective client / patient documentation

Range of Motion

Fast, valid, and reliable Computer Vision Based Goniometry for Range of Motion Assessments (Cervical ROM is released in latest version with other regions to follow in 2023)
"[Conclusion] The posture mobile application has demonstrated strong rater reliability and preliminary evidence of construct validity. This application may have utility in clinical and research settings."

J Phys Ther Sci. 2018 Jan; 30(1): 31–36.