Treatment of the Root Causes of Musculoskeletal Diseases and Imbalance of Body, Mind, and Spirit

Experience a comprehensive spine therapy and health care for the whole family, applying traditional natural therapy methods combined with modern medical knowledge from the United Kingdom and advanced European standard technology.


Total health protection

No medication

Herniated disc
Spinal degeneration
Spinal stenosis
Numbness & tingling in the hands and feet
Osteoarthritis of the knee
Neck and shoulder pain

Individualized treatment plan

Headache, Migraine
Prevention of chronic diseases

100% Đội Ngũ Chuyên Gia Giàu Kinh Nghiệm Tham Gia Chữa Trị

Nguyễn Thị Nhung

Chuyên Viên

Lê Thị Quế

Chuyên Viên

Master Tố Hải Lê


Nguyễn Lê Kim Phụng

Giám Đốc Vận Hành

Modern diagnostic and examination technology that meets international standards

Measure body balance and spinal curvature

Posture Screen


Measure foot pressure when standing, walking, analyze foot posture, and identify problems in your body.
At Khi Tam Health Hub, you will be cared for by a team of experts who provide comprehensive spinal health care, using traditional natural therapy methods combined with modern medical knowledge from the UK and advanced technology that meets European standards.

Health Consultation Technology and Whole Body Balance


The first diagnostic and health assessment system using HRV technology
Image interaction system using a projector
A breakthrough non-invasive 3D optical system allows for accurate assessment of spinal disorders and postural changes.

Spine 3D

Quy trình tư vấn và trị liệu tại Khí Tâm Health Hub


Theo dõi tiến độ và đánh giá
Hướng dẫn lộ trình trị liệu
Tư vấn cùng Chuyên gia
Kiểm tra độ cân bằng
Tiếp nhận thông tin

Services at
Khi Tam Health Hub

Mediation, Healing Coach, Applied Chakra Science
Modern technology measures body balance indicators at each stage
Khi Tam Yoga Therapy
Khi Tam Pain Management
 Movement Coaching

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Successful Treatment Journey at Khí Tâm Health Hub

I had a problem with scoliosis, so I sought the services of Khí Tâm Pain Therapy. After experiencing this method, I felt my body was lighter and healthier. Not only that, the therapist was very dedicated, not only asking about my condition, but also guiding me on how to maintain a healthy spine, such as the Cat-Cow Pose and Chakra Science
Ms. Thanh Thúy 
My work requires me to sit for long periods of time, which causes neck and shoulder pain and stiffness. When I experienced the Khí Tâm Pain Therapy service, it was a bit painful at first, but after it was finished, I felt very relaxed.
Ms. Thạch Thảo
I had neck and shoulder pain and headaches, which greatly limited my mobility. During the treatment, it was a bit painful, but after it was finished, I felt lighter and I feel very satisfied with this decompression method.
Ms. Kiều Oanh
Before coming here, I had a sore throat, neck and shoulder pain, and lower back pain. After the decompression, I felt my neck, shoulders, and back were more comfortable. Surprisingly, my throat and nose also became more open.
Ms. Ý Nhi
Things that have bothered me for ten years are gone. Therefore, it was quite a positive experience.
Now I can absolutely move my neck and shoulders, and all feel good. I couldn't do that for years.
Mr. Bruce - US

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