Khí Tâm Health Hub
At Khí Tâm Health Hub, we care about your health and quality of life.

Khi Tam Health Hub operates under the principle that each individual is an independent and unique body that needs special care. Therefore, we always focus on each case from the examination, diagnosis, and in-depth consultation to provide a personalized treatment plan for you, depending on the needs, conditions, and time of each customer.

With many years of experience in the field of natural therapy and spinal rehabilitation, we are proud to bring you comprehensive healing solutions for both physical, mental, and spiritual through traditional natural healing methods of Vietnam and India, combined with modern medicine and advanced technology from England, the United States, and Europe



1. State-of-the-art, exclusive European-standard diagnostic and measurement technology.
2. A comprehensive healing process that helps you identify the root cause of your problems
3. The application of the Khi TamTherapy Method, founded by Master To Hai Le
4. Support from a team of experienced experts, professionals, coaches, and consultants in the field of natural therapy