At a certain age, you will return to the Spirit, back to the soul from within yourself. So why we need to live spiritually?

If you don’t have a spirit, you don’t know what you mean by coming to this life, you don’t know how to appreciate the values you bring to this life. The mind is always restless and full of anger, always feeling bored and angry. You cannot see the beauty of people, nature, or everything around. You look at life with a negative perspective that makes you always live in misery.

Therefore, practicing a spirit in your life by being aware of healthy living, not only living for yourself but also giving it to your family members and children. It’s wonderful that your future generations are spiritually alive at a young age since this will create a generation of healthy and happy children.

To practice a spiritual lifestyle, you first need to change your eating habits. Don’t wait until you are hungry to eat, don’t overeat, but eat in a neutral state and just eat fairly enough. In addition, you need to pay more attention to nutrition, and limit starch in your meal. Choose healthy foods that are good for health. Besides, do not forget to practice a sport you love such as cycling, yoga,… to maintain your health.

Anyone can live a spiritual life, let go to live simply. That is Zen lifestyle and Zen to be healthy. 


If you are a Zen lover and want to live happily in the present and at the same time want to spread the value of Zen to the community, Khi Tam Meditation Instructor 100hrs is the right course for you.

Opening: 19/9/2022

Schedule: 11h00 – 13h00 Monday and Friday, Vietnam Time

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