“Khi Tam Therapy – Applying Chakra Science to Heal 5 Human Bodies” makes debut

Giới thiệu sách Khí Tâm Trị liệu - Ứng dụng Luân xa chữa lành 5 thể con người

About Author of the Book – Master Sridevi To Hai

• Founder of Khi Tam Therapy International
• Founder of Golden Heart Yoga & Meditation Institute
• Vice President of Zenleadership Asia Institute
• Director of the International Zen Leadership Academy in Asia
• Author of 2 books: Khi Tam Meditation – The Art of Purifying Body and Heart; Khi Tam Therapy – Applied Chakra Science to heal 5 Human Body



“Illness is unnatural, while energetic nature of the Universe is pure nature. First, the soul comes when a child is born. It is developed delicate body and possesses magical qualities. After that, the children grow up, mature, and increasingly turn outside of the material world. From there the soul loses its purity and causes energy disturbances.”

Yes, please think about how an unbalanced life from the family culture, eating habits, travel and thinking about life has affected the body’s health.

It’s time to wake up because depression is not a genetic disease but a disease of the mind.

Scoliosis is only a few that are congenital, the rest is due to the habits of parents and children.

Cancer is not only caused by food and external environment. Negative thinking plus air blockage at the points on the spine will cause energy disturbances at each point on the spine affecting internal organs.

As long as the spine is straight and flexible, you can prevent cancer, stroke and most chronic diseases. The 5-body healing method by Khi Tam Yoga Therapy and Chakra Science has helped many patients recover from their body, mind, emotions as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining daily practice.”

– Master Sridevi To Hai –

Main content of Khi Tam Therapy includes:

Discover the 7 Chakras of the Human Body – The Source of Energy in the Human Body.

5 Human Body – Understanding to heal and be healthy


“Life is like that, people are busy pursuing success in many different ways. But when they got the feeling of success, how long did that feeling last, or right after the glory night, they realized, in order to get what they call success, they had to fight. Change a lot of your own health, relationships and even other values? Then they continued to search, engrossed and ceaseless…”

Order book at the link: https://theyogishop.vn/san-pham/sach-khi-tam-tri-lieu

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