Khi Tam Yoga Therapy

Combine yoga poses with breathing techniques and practice Khi Tam energy, Khi Tam meditation to achieve maximum benefits during practice and therapy.

Khi Tam Healing coach

Apply Khi Tam healing to support and spiritual uplift for anyone with mental and spiritual problems.

Healing Meditation

Practicing meditation is a combination of dynamic meditation and quiet meditation. Taking Mind as the root, taking Qi as the direction towards balance in all 5 human bodies.

Yoga – Meditation – Health short courses

Short-term courses are intended to give people the foundational knowledge of Yoga/Meditation to develop holistic health and regain balance in life.

Chakra Science – Self healing energy

Connect with the subtle body, connect with the deep emotional layer of oneself to understand our natures.

Courses For Public Health

Including courses from 5-10 sessions of Khi Tam Yoga Therapy/Healing Meditation by topic. The purpose is to spread the value of Yoga and Meditation and contribute to the community (no fee).

Watch the tutorial and practice Khi Tam Therapy with Master Sridevi To Hai.