Risk of Stroke Due To Sleep Disturbance and Stress Lifestyle

In Vietnam, the rate of stroke is increasing day by day and especially in younger age,  and it has become the leading cause of death in Vietnam. There is more than 230,000 people have a stroke yearly, and about 50% of which is die. Severe consequence of stroke are hemiplegia, paralysis, cerebral palsy, psychological and psychiatric symptoms.

Nguy Cơ Đột Quỵ Do Lối Sống, Thức Khuya, Căng Thẳng, Stress

1. Sleep Disturbance & Stress – The silent killer

The disease usually comes from habits. If a person often stays up late or is always in a state of stress, then the risk of stroke will increase.

a. Sleep Disturbance:

Khi thường xuyên thức khuya buộc não cần được tưới máu nhiều hơn, áp lực bơm máu lên não càng tăng, khiến huyết áp tăng vọt, tạo một lực tác động lên thành mạch máu não lớn quá mức và hậu quả là vỡ mạch máu não dẫn đến đột quỵ. When staying up late at night, the brain is forced to need more blood perfusion. Once the pressure of blood to the brain increases, it will cause blood pressure to skyrocket, creating an excessive force on the brain’s blood vessel wall and as a result, cerebral blood vessel erupt that lead to stroke.

b. Stress

According to The Lancet (UK) – a medical journal, a study found that working too much for more than 55 hours per week increases the risk of stroke by 33%.

Stress causes the metabolism in the brain to be stimulated to produce many substances that are harmful to the brain. This long-term condition leads to atherosclerosis, creating a premise for thrombus formation, causing embolism, causing blood flow to the brain to decrease or stop. The supply of oxygen and nutrients to the brain is interrupted or stopped, brain cells die leading to a stroke.

Nowadays, stroke is increasingly in younger people and this is a wake-up call that we need to pay more attention to our own health.

2. How to prevent stroke:

Changing your lifestyle to be more balance and trying to not staying up late is the first thing you need to change. At the same time, you need to practice to breath as well as train your mind to help you get rid of the consequences of stress and anxiety. A person knows how to breath will help circulate blood throughout the entire body, reduce the risk of air blockage will reduce the risk of a stroke. Please refer to the course Chakra Science – Self-Healing Energy for a proper method of breathing practice.

And in order to prevent stress’s affect on your health, you need to balance your own mind. You can join Khi Tam Meditation to understand yourself better, understand life and have a calm mind amidst the chaos of life.

And if your stress comes from that you don’t have a life direction, then Healing Coach will help you orient and find your life mission, holding the key to step by step towards success.

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