The Yogis’ Shop provides yoga enthusiasts with quality products that are clearly sourced and environmentally friendly. Our goal is to bring products to improve your health and spirit to help you awaken the connection of Body – Mind – Mind to become a perfect Yogi.

Product groups of The Yogis’ Shop:

  • Environmentally friendly yoga mats and tools
  • Yogis Fashion
  • Meditation and Natural Restoration Tools
  • Gifts for Body – Mind – Spirit

We are taught how to read and write, but no one teaches us how to master the mind, listen to the voice of the body and the mechanism to operate the energy sources circulating in the body in a scientific way. We hope that you will find these in our products.

Come visit and feel the friendliness in all of our products.


Values that the Yogis’ Shop brings to customers


We have carefully selected factories that produce yoga mats and equipment. The product is SGS certified.


Free 30k delivery for orders from 500,000 VND. Exchange/return within 10 days if due to manufacturer defect.


There are many payment methods, you can choose: collect money on delivery (COD) or transfer.


For each product you buy at The Yogishop, you have contributed 1000 VND to the Seed donation fund of the Garden Everywhere project.


All Yogi needs

The Yogis’ Shop wishes to create quality and safe products that bring great experiences to yogis. Specially designed mats and other yoga aids will be what you need for simple Yoga exercises for beginners to advanced exercises for trainers and long-time practitioners.

There are many interesting things about The Yogis’ Shop meditation products to accompany you on the path of meditation. In our unique range of meditation cushions and accessories, you will find a large collection of meditation cushions, ranging from round, crescent to square; or meditation mats made of cotton or natural plants.

Publications of Khi Tam Therapy International Academy

Khi Tam Therapy Books

The application of Khi Tam Yoga Therapy and the Science of Healing 5 Body Chakras has helped many patients recover their body, mind, emotions… as well as maintain a healthy lifestyle by maintaining daily practice.

Khi Tam Meditation Book

Khi Tam Meditation is written by Master Sridevi To Hai based on 15 years of experience in learning, practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation. Khi Tam Meditation wants to bring you a Zen foundation to scientifically purify and balance Body – Mind – Spirit.

Zenleadership Book

The book is not simply a book to read, but a book to help you come to Zen with its full meaning: practice meditation, know meditation and love meditation. From there, the techniques in the book will seep into your bloodstream, spread within you, and become your own leadership energy.