Publish of “Khi Tam Meditation – The art of purifying body and mind to balance your life”

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Khi Tam Meditation is written by Master Sridevi To Hai based on 15 years of experience in learning, practicing and teaching Yoga and Meditation. Khi Tam Meditation wants to introduce a Zen foundation to help purify and balance Body – Mind – Heart in a scientific direction.

According to the author Master Sridevi To Hai, among all yoga and meditation practices, the vital energy or breath is the most important. We come to this life by “Khi”, live by “Khi”, interact with “Khi”, and leave also by “Khi”. That’s why in Yoga and Zen, “Khi” is the most important aspect. If “Khi” is important in practice, then “Tam” is important in application to life. All the philosophies of Yoga, Zen studies have confirmed that “Happiness comes from the heart”. How do we transform the mind from negative to positive, from evil to kindness, from suffering to happiness? We need to learn how to train our mind and practice it in life in the right way.

“Khi” – also known as vital energy, the energy of the subtle body, is located in the second of the three bodies of human body. It is related to human needs. Once this source of life weakens, it will also affect human vitality. But if this source of vitality is abundant, the physical manifestation of the body also becomes vivid, people also have more vitality, health and happiness. Vitality or energy is brought into the body through 5 ways: 1. Energy from mother to child; 2. Energy from eating; 3. Energy from the breath; 4. Energy from Love; 5. Energy from the Universe

“Tam” – the word “Tam” has many meanings and forms, so it should be a verb, and in meditation it is a positive verb. It is expressed through the most loving, happiest actions, then the practitioner can reach a highest level of meditation. “Tam” in “Khi Tam Meditation” is the “Tam” that practices in life.

Khi Tam Meditation is accessible to all audiences, based on meditation and science of brain, body, and energy. This is an applied meditation method for practitioners to have good health and a peaceful mind. In the ancient scientific philosophy of Yoga and Zen, each individual is a microcosm, independent, inner free. So, through Khi Tam Meditation method, we become our own leaders. From there, we develop a sense of intuition, sensitive judgment, increased emotional quotient and balance in all conditions and situations. This is also the way that Khi tam Meditation penetrates into the practitioner.

Book Content

The book consists of two main parts: about Khi Tam Meditation and Basic Meditation. Khi Tam Meditation is introduced with theory and practical techniques based on 4 levels: Clearing, Purification, Transformation, Unity. Khi Tam meditation exercises include both static and dynamic meditation so they are easily accessible for beginners. Basic Meditation, a system of basic meditation philosophies and techniques from thousands of years ago of the eminent Enlightened Ones and Zen masters.



““Khi Tam Meditation comes as a gift from the Universe. That’s when I discovered: When my will is strong, I can control everything, so the technique of Khi Tam Meditation is a technique to train the Air. That is, it will train the practitioner to have a strong will, to lead their own “Khi” and lead the “Khi” of others, to make everyone’s aura converge on us, and you are the operator of the air flow. Khi Tam Meditation was born as a gift I wanted to give to the community and wanted to spread this method of purification and balance of Body-Mind-Heart to everyone.”

– Master Sridevi To Hai –

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