Enrollment for Khi Tam Hands-on Practitioner Training Course 150hrs

Special 4-Day Offline Program Practice With Master Sridevi To Hai In Hanoi

Opening: 26/11/2022

Join via Online and Offline

Tuition fee: 29.500.000 VND(*)

⏰Schedule: 13:30 – 16:30 | Mon, Wed, Fri

• 26/11/2022 – 09/12/2023: Online via Zoom with Master Sridevi To Hai

• 12-15/12/2022: 4 days of intensive practice of hands-on therapeutic skills under guidance of Master Sridevi To Hai in Hanoi

• 17/12/2022 – 3/2023: Online via Zoom with Master Sridevi To Ha

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This is a course about overview of muscles, the musculoskeletal system and hands-on skills on muscles, joints and spine through special techniques of Khi Tam Yoga Therapy. This course will help learners improve their skills in patient care and effective consultation.

Who is the course for?

– Yoga coaches that want to improve their expertise knowledge and create opportunities to growth in the industry.

– Clinic specialists such as physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, acupressure,… that want to enrich and enhance the value of their services.

– Massage technicians at resorts and hotels

– People who want to take care of the health of grandparents, parents, the elderly, the sick

– Anyone who wants to enter into the health and naturopathic industry.


– Feel the unique difference of Khi Tam method compared to other conventional treatment methods: Efficiently, professional and easy to apply

– Support for patients who need manual therapy before applying other treatment routes

– Access to the latest therapeutic knowledge and scientific research being applied in the world

– Increase professional opportunity through flexible application of natural healing methods to help patients recover quickly

– Trained and practiced directly with Master Sridevi To Hai – who has many years of experience in the natural therapy industry.

– Master the skills of therapeutic breathing, self-training and healing meditation.

– Catching up with the development trend for human resources in the naturopathy industry to become a skilled therapist, with career opportunities open to the world.

– Regularly trained through seminars, training sessions, community programs organized by Khi Tam Academy.


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